Psychological Assessments

Common Assessments

Disability & SSI Assessment

Disability & SSI Assessment
We handle a great deal of assessments for Social Security Disability Insurance (SDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims and appeals. ...
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Workers' Compensation

Workman's Compensation
We provide psychological evaluation of disability in workers' compensation cases. ...
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Personality Testing

Personality Testing
Uses scientific techniques to accurately measure personality, usually for diagnostic, legal, and employment purposes...
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Forensic Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations
Used in legal settings to document a variety of psychologically relevant information, including work-related emotional injury, fitness for duty for high stress jobs, ...
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Learning Disability Testing

Learning Disability Testing
Can be used to identify ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, processing deficits, anxiety, and to qualify for educational accommodations . . .
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At The Practice LA, we offer a wide variety of psychological assessments, evaluations and diagnostic testing performed by highly trained and licensed Clinical Psychologists. These services include Psychological Testing, Evaluations & Assessments, Expert Witness Testimony and Clinical Research.

Assessments vary significantly in their breadth but, typically, result in a formal written report, with a diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and answers to any referral questions. The results of psychological testing can be effectively used by attorneys, parents, schools, hr managers, corporations, health professionals, and suffering patients. Psychological assessments and testing can also be used to secure accommodations for school and standardized tests like the SAT, MCAT, GRE, and LSAT.

Psychological Assessments are most commonly requested for the following purposes:

  1. Legal Purposes
  2. Expert witness consultation regarding psychological impairment.
    Disability chart and case reviews.
    Evaluations under the Americans with Disability Act.
    Guardianship and Competency in probate and criminal matters.
    Psychological and psychiatric standard of care issues.
    Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) for disability and Worker's Compensation.
    Consultative Evaluations (CEs) for Social Security disability claims.
    Foster care, adoption and attachment issues.
    Parenting evaluations and consultations.
    High conflict divorce, custody & GAL assessments, including visitation and post-divorce disputes.
    Therapeutic malpractice and standard of psychological care issues.
    Psychological damage in children and adults caused by dental or medical or procedures.
    Masked psychological damages and impairment due to physical injury, emotional trauma, chronic disabling conditions, pain, product liability/toxicity or "bystander" experiences.

  3. Academic Purposes
  4. ADHD evaluations.
    Shyness and social skills delays or disability.
    Learning Disabilities and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities.
    Evaluations for 504 and Chapter 766/Special Education.
    Second opinions about parent-school conflicts or behavior issues.
    Developmental Disabilities, such as birth defects, Autism and PDD.
    General academic, psychological and neuropsychological exams.
    Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs).

  5. Employment Purposes
  6. Assessment of personality.
    Assessment of functional behavioral disorders.
    Peer reviews.
    Workplace bullying and hostile workplace evaluations.
    Residual workplace trauma due to catastrophe, violence or disaster.

  7. Diagnostic Testing
  8. A wide variety of formalized and standardized psychodiagnostic tests may be used for diagnostic purposes, usually to create legal or formal documentation.

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