Workers' Compensation Assessment

Work related injuries often involve a behavioral component that requires expert assessment to identify and treat. Mental conditions can sometimes be covered by workers' comp if you can prove the mental or psychiatric problem was primarily caused by your work. Generally, it must be shown that the mental condition was the result of abnormal work conditions. If your psychological or psychiatric condition is tied to a physical accident at work or an illness caused by work, you would have a better chance of being compensated. For example, job-related stress or tension may contribute to a heart attack. Another example might be a worker who suffers a traumatic physical injury and later develops anxiety disorder or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as a result.

We handle a great deal of assessments for Workers' Compensation claims and appeals. Our Clinical Psychologists work with attorneys and claimants to navigate the many requirements for Workers' Compensation claims, and provide accurate documentation required to substantiate a claim. Some of the most common psychological symptoms related to workplace injuries include:

Instruments Used for Workers' Compensation Assessment

Psychological Assessments for Workers' Compensation purposes include a review of all relevant legal and medical documentation, a clinical interview with a Licensed Psychologist, and the administration of accepted psychological testing where needed. Following the personal interview with the claimant, verbal feedback and a written psychological report is prepared for the claimant and their attorney. This written report is a legal document, that is generally about ten pages long. It includes specific sections pertaining to the assessment purpose, as well as an interpretation of the tests administered, and professional recommendations for the claimant and the evaluator. Personal testimony or service as an expert witness about the assessment methods used, test results, validity, conclusions, and recommendations can also be provided once the assessment and report are completed. Common psychological assessment methods for Workers' Compensation purposes include:

Expedited Reports and 24-hour turnaround options are available upon request.

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