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Parenting Classes in LA Our Positive Parenting program is a 12-weeks skills class for frazzled parents seeking more effective techniques for parenting pre-school aged children, latency-aged children (ages 6-12), and adolescents. Each group has its own distinctive character. During the group sessions we discuss the most common issues that arise across ethnic and socioeconomic groups, i.e. parenting roles, problematic parenting styles, and techniques to enhance parenting. The primary focus of our Parenting Skills classes is to help parents break the cycle of Negative Parenting -- specifically to learn methods of parenting in a positive, and non-punitive way, to use the practice of setting and maintaining healthy limits, rather than focus on punishments. Since the quality of parenting that children receive has a well-documented effect on child development, a structured parenting program can greatly enhance the mental health and well-being of children and caretakers, improve family bonds and benefit society at large. As such, our Positive Parenting program provides consistent support and guidance for the healthy development of children.

Weekly Class Schedule

Positive Parenting Skills Classes meet every Saturday at 3pm in our West LA office.

How Many Classes Do I Need?

The Positive Parenting program meets once a week for 12 weeks. Each of the 12 weekly sessions runs between 60-90 minutes. These classes are typically offered in a small group setting (5 clients max) and in some cases may be supplemented with one-on-one counseling. We offer multiple instructional strategies, including:

Material Covered

The Positive Parenting Program skills classes covers the most common challenges for responsible parents, as well providing group members with an opportunity to discuss the specific issues they face in their own families on a daily basis. Since no two families are alike, we also discuss issues related to Single Parents, Blended Families, LGBT Families, Grandparents Raising Children, and Parents Raising Children with Persistent Illnesses. Some of the subjects covered in the course curriculum include:

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