Psych Assessments for Employment Purposes

Psych Assesments for Employment

We handle a great deal of assessments for employment purposes. Our Clinical Psychologists work with employers, employees, and applicants to determine what types of evaluation or testing are necessary for their specific needs, and then administer the evaluations. Test results, recommendations, written reports and other necessary documentation are provided following evaluation. Expedited Reports and 24-hour turnaround options are available upon special request.


Pre-employment assessments are most frequently requested by private or public agencies wanting to make the most qualified hiring decisions possible. It is important to note that while no system of prediction can be 100% accurate, it is possible for a trained psychologist to communicate a clear "hire/no hire" recommendation within a reasonable degree of psychological certainty to the referring agency, so that the agency can make the most appropriate hiring decision. A pre-employment psychological evaluation consists of clinically validated psychological instruments, a psychosocial interview, including face-to-face standardized interviews with candidates, as well a review of background information on the candidates. Specific or fixed cut-off scores should be avoided as well data regarding possible adverse impact related to gender and ethnicity is factored in.


Psychological Assessments for employment purposes include a review of all relevant legal and medical documentation, a clinical interview with a Licensed Psychologist, and the administration of accepted psychological testing where needed. Following the personal interview with the requesting parties, verbal feedback and a written psychological report is prepared for requesting agency. This written report is a legal document that is generally about 10-20 pages long. It includes specific sections pertaining to the assessment purpose, as well as an interpretation of the tests administered, and psychological evaluation of the potential candidates for the requesting agencies responsible for the comprehensive oversight. Personal testimony or service as an expert witness about the assessment methods used, test results, validity, conclusions, and recommendations can also be provided once the assessment and report are completed. Common psychological assessment methods for employment purposes include:

Psychological Factors Examined

NOTE: We are compliant with the guidelines established by The Police Psychological Services Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). These guidelines state that providers of pre-employment psychological evaluation services to law enforcement agencies are licensed psychologists who are familiar with the research literature available on psychological testing for law enforcement officers should conduct the examinations.

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