Personality Testing

Professional personality tests are used by Licensed Psychologists to assess symptoms of social and personal maladjustment. These tests are different from the many "fun" personality tests that can be taken online, in that they are scientific tests that have been empirically and statistically validated, and require a license to administer.

Reasons for Performing Personality Testing

Personality testing is most frequently requested by attorneys, employers, parents, and suffering individuals. This type of testing is most frequently used for the following purposes:

Instruments Used for Personality Testing

All personality testing services include a review of relevant legal and medical documentation, a clinical interview with a Licensed Psychologist, and the administration of accepted psychological testing. Following a personal interview and testing with the subject, verbal feedback and a written psychological report are prepared for the requesting party. This written report is generally about ten pages long. It includes specific sections pertaining to the personality test administered, an interpretation of results, and professional psychological recommendations. Personal testimony or service as an expert witness about the assessment methods used, test results, validity, conclusions, and recommendations can also be provided once the assessment and report are completed. Common personality testing methods include:

Expedited Testing Reports and 24-hour turnaround options are available upon request.

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