Forensic Evaluations

Forensic evaluations are comprehensive psychological evaluations that intersect with the legal profession. In some cases, psychologists participate in legal proceedings or case preparation to provide an objective professional psychological evaluations. This type of evaluation is usually intended to document a wide variety of psychological information that is relevant to the case at hand. These evaluations and assessments often include the evaluating psychologist providing expert witness testimony as well. Our Licensed Clinical Psychologists work closely with with attorneys, their clients, and the courts (if needed) to ensure that the assessment conducted will address the client's specific needs for the case.

Instruments Used for Forensic Evaluations

All forensic evaluation services include a review of relevant legal and medical documentation, a clinical interview with a Licensed Psychologist, and the administration of accepted psychological testing if needed. Interviews often cover family history, employment and educational history, social activities, relationships, children, daily functioning, alcohol and substance use, military service, medical and mental health history, and past legal history. Following a personal interview and with the requesting parties, verbal feedback and a written psychological report are prepared. This written report is generally ten pages or more. It includes specific sections pertaining to the interview and tests administered, an interpretation of results, and professional psychological recommendations. Personal testimony or service as an expert witness about the assessment methods used, test results, validity, conclusions, and recommendations can also be provided once the assessment and report are completed. Common forensic evaluation methods include:

Expedited Testing Reports and 24-hour turnaround options are available upon request.

Common Reasons for Forensic Evaluations

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