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Our goal at The Practice is to empower you to live the best life you can live, making the most out of your unique experiences, emotions, and relationships. No matter what your specific struggle might be, we fiercely believe that you deserve a space to feel safe, accepted, heard, and understood. You deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. Period. You deserve someone who not only wants to walk beside you, so you don't have to walk a winding path alone, but someone who genuinely knows how to help you, and someone who has made it their life's work to do just that. That is what we do. We are a boutique practice of licensed clinical psychologists. Now, what do you want to do?

Our Specialty Programs

Aftercare IOP
Aftercare Program
30 day intensive outpatient program

After primary treatment

In the world outside of rehab, relapse is a common phenomenon, with up to 46% of patients relapsing within six months of inpatient treatment. Of the many factors that contribute to relapse prevention, the most important is to replace destructive habits with more effective coping skills. Insight, Emotional Regulation, & Communication Skills are just a few of the necessary tools for long-term success. Our outpatient Aftercare program provides those skills, a tailor-made support structure and more.

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Anger Management
Anger Management Skills
We offer weekly anger therapy classes

Manage difficult emotions

We work with a variety of people to help them tolerate difficult emotions, and use those emotions to create change. Understanding anger improves the lives of many, particularly quieter, introverted, or people pleasers who stuff anger, rather than display it outwardly. For most of our clients, learning effective communication skills, how to identify triggers, and cognitive distortions, improves their personal lives, and makes them better managers, more successful employees, and partners.

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Private & Group Sessions Available

Private & Group Therapy

Psychotherapy is for intelligent, hard-working people, who realize that something in their lives could work better. When you work with a Clinical Psychologist, you work with an expert partner who has trained beyond the doctorate level to see and think clearly about human needs and behaviors. No matter what difficulty you're facing, the decision to work with a psychologist is a decision to work with a professional, whose sole job is to support you, think with you, and help you put into action, exactly what you dream for yourself.

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Save Time & Schedule Your Consult Online

Schedule Your Consult Online Four those considering therapy, aftercare, or anger management, we offer free phone consultations with an intake specialist. This consultation serves as a way for us to start learning about your individual needs as well as answer any questions you might have. By using our online scheduling tool, you can schedule your consult at a time when you know you will have 5-20 minutes to speak privately to a clinician. This consult constitutes no obligation and is a way to make sure we are the right people to help you. If we aren't, we'll find you help with a reputable professional or organization even if it's outside our practice.


"Dr. Siegel combines compassion with critical thinking to offer practical solutions to life's problems. She is also one of the most ethical, methodical and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I attribute much of my success to her good counsel." -- W.G., Film Maker

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